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There does appear to be a problem with basic innumeracy here, since a handful of Linux kernel bugs scarcely comes close to the sum of all Windows bugs over the same period. However, a bug is a bug and you only need one to hack a system.

Perhaps the real way in which Linux systems are becoming like their Windows cousins is that bugs are remaining unpatched because the vendor can't be arsed and they are the only ones who can do it. I'm thinking here of vulnerabilities in IoT devices, or old routers for which the vendor hasn't issued a firmware patch in years, or phones where they'd much rather you pay to upgrade than they pay to maintain their product line for more than 12 months.

But desktop Linux, where just about any distro you care to name is regularly patched and the applications tend not to regard "executable third-party data" as a feature? ... these remain pretty damn safe to use.

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