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"From the earlier debris we already know the plane did NOT crash land on the water; as this would have caused the parts found to be mangled/fractured"

Erm, but the parts found so far were small bits that were mostly mangled / fractured.

"may fairly safely conclude the plane landed at the water SOFTLY in a guided manner, but apparently with retracted flag"

Nope. These 2 things are mutually exclusive. And landing a large jet into water even in a controlled manner is in no way a "soft" landing.

"The goal obviously was not to survive but to make the plane vanish"

Because landing a commercial airliner on 1+ mile deep water in a "controlled" way is going to make a difference. Oh, wait. No it isn't.

"Also keep in mind the 777 can be remote controlled "

Do tell us more? Are you maybe confusing a commercial passenger jet with a model aircraft?

"several islanders on the Maldives have reported a big unusual plane sighting at a consistent time."

Again - do tell us more. Especially how MH370 could be in sight of the Maldives seeing at that's nearer India than Australia... Maybe "they" had a second plane broadcasting a fake satellite signal?!

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