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I fear I may not have made my point with Win 7 clearly enough. If you look at the timing of the PC market beginning to flatten out and then start on a downward curve something rather ironic regarding which Windows iteration actually contributed to the current state becomes clear. One of the two most popular and well regarded versions of Windows (XP being the other one of course) may very well have been one of the triggers for the processes that we have seen at work in that market.*

*I would wish to point out that in saying this I am not remotely being snide about Win 7 - I installed it on 4 different rigs and was always very pleased. An excellent OS. However, I do feel it is legitimate to point out that if one is going to assign some of the "blame" for the current weak state of the PC market to a particular version of Windows then one has to look at the timing of the beginnings of that weakness - they predate in fact both Win 8 and Win 10. This is of course entirely seperate from what you, I, or anyone else here on the threads at El Reg may think about 8 or 10 as operating systems.

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