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New MH370 handshake and wing debris analysis suggests rapid descent

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Conspiracy ..

From the earlier debris we already know the plane did NOT crash land on the water; as this would have caused the parts found to be mangled/fractured. All the parts found so far seem to be fairly intact, and also given the fact that NO other floating debris has been found we may fairly safely conclude the plane landed at the water SOFTLY in a guided manner, but apparently with retracted flags.

This all is fairly consistent with the theory that the plane has been landed on the water deliberately to make it disappear completely without leaving any traces. Detracted flaps would increase the chance of them being ripped off during a landing, so keeping them retracted is consistent with that. The goal obviously was not to survive but to make the plane vanish. Also keep in mind the 777 can be remote controlled and that several islanders on the Maldives have reported a big unusual plane sighting at a consistent time.

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