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It's a sad story...

I honestly believe that Microsoft can achieve some great things, some of their technology is impressive. I mean, it's not easy mixing an (somewhat) easy to use GUI and still allow for pro's to perform more complex (commandline) tasks. I also think some of their software is a bit under appreciated. When taking a look at Office for example there are plenty of people who fail to realize that the VBA backend is basically a complete programming environment on its own. The interactivity doesn't stop between the Office components.

But yeah... I think the main problem here is that Microsoft still fails to realize (or they're in denial, I have no idea) that they no longer dominate the market. Instead of forcing their ideals onto people (Windows 10) they should try to appeal to them instead.

I mean, am I the only one who spots the massive irony in this thread? People don't use Windows 10 because of the spying and intrusion of Microsoft but will easily mention the ease of use Google provides. Don't get me wrong: the arguments are most definitely legit, Google knows really well how to provide appealing products. But don't think for one second that all of that is free!

As to Win 10... "Teaserware" is what I call it. I have no love lost for software which shows you dozens of options which you cannot use because "you should get the premium version!". Instead of focusing on the tease why not focus on giving me better and more direct access to the features which you do provide instead of trying to send me on a goose chase?

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