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Subject: How to restart Win 10 adoption

Hey Sat,

We've been brainstorming how to push revenue and Win 10 adoption at the same time. Very useful stuff, think-outside-the-box originality by some of the best thought leaders and influencers on my team.

You know how we have many customers' CC info on file in the app store? And how we've proven that Win 10 can be auto-installed without the customer having to ask for it?

How about we set up Win 10 to auto-install and we charge customers for it? I am sure they'll love it, esp if we throw in a few months of Office 365 for free (not too many so that they aren't too likely to hit an outage during their trial). After all, we all know the Win 10 auto-install was very popular, outside of some few, but very vocal, naysayers. I mean, all the people in our focus groups and all our employees thought it was a brilliant idea - they all replied checked 'Yes' for that question on their Annual Performance Review form.

This is not the time to have second thoughts, we need to leverage our strengths and align all our users with our strategic vision.

Golf on Thursday, 6 pm?

Ted Flunkee, Mr-Telemetry, can join us and discuss our rising satisfaction metrics - we've finally beaten down those people who want menus rather than ribbons. Sadly, Mary from Engineering can't make it - I mean who cares if the innards in 10 are better? No one. Not users - they only care about the shiny and we are the SHINIEST because we have the best ideas.


p.s. I'd like to bring along John, he's got some brilliant ideas about re-tooling the Control Panel once again - the configuration settings are starting to look stale, we haven't updated their navigation in months now.

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