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You could buy a cheap Linux compatible printer. Or you buy a damned fine one that will last for years that has Linux support.

I have a Laserjet 4050 at home. Bought in 1999 and it is still going strong. Never had to replace a single component. Works flawlessly with Linux via an old school Jet Direct.

It does about 30,000 pages per toner cartridge which means Ill replace a cartridge once every 2 or 3 decades...maybe. Ive got another 5 stashed away that I picked up for buttons about 4 years ago. So my great grandchildren are taken care of.

I also have a couple of maintenance kits if somehow this warrior breaks. Its been through 3 house moves and dropped down two staircases. It won't die. Its the Jason Vorhees of printers.

HP used to make amazing kit. You can still buy the 4050 on ebay for £50. Do it. Do it now.

Anyone that buys brand new printers is a bloody idiot. The golden age has gone, the manufacturers know this which is why modern printers are crap.

The 4100 was badass as well. It all went to shit with the 4200.

If you need colour printing the 2600 is badass as well. I had one of those for ages. I got shot of it when I realised I never printed in colour plus toner was getting hard to find for it. Genuine stuff anyway.

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