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It's not just the data collection.

It insists on re-install of things like Bing news, and the Xbox app, if i do not want them I should not have them forced upon me, and also they should not make them bloody awkward to unistall.

It has apps you have to disable in the background (and they are ones i do not want - see above) otherwise it kills your bandwidth, noticed this when at home, my other PC was freezing playing the TV.

Now I know you can go through and disable all this, I did then the anniversary update re-installed the buggers. They have tweaked the pro version to stop you being able to edit certain parts of the group policy editor to stop this shit*, even though a lot of people would have bought pro for these sort of reasons.

You can't stop the updates, you can't choose what updates you want and you can't trust the updates. A OS that has been paid for should not do this.

Win7 is nowhere near as bad. (yet I guess, lets see what happens now with the updates from them).


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