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its easier than that. I just say that I wont support Windows 10 as I know nothing about it, which is a slight fib, since I looked several times and decided I'm not playing Microsoft's game any more, since it spent all its time telling me I couldn't do what I wanted or trying to force me into new accounts and rubbish like that.

This is also having the effect of stopping the friends of a friend who knows you work in IT from asking me to fix their now not working properly "free upgraded" Windows 10 box. Odd how the conversation goes along the lines of "Wow, you're brave with all the data slurping of your personal data and cloud stuff"

Windows 7 was where I got off the merry go round. For me, its Windows 7 and Linux.

Much more free time, much less faffing around doing free support for people.

From the graphs, it looks very much like the majority of ex-MS customers are doing similar things. Less than a third of machine running the freebie, even after all the pushing and shoving.

Then they kill off the old Win 7 licences in the market - brave or stupid - will be interesting to see the market in 2 years time.

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