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Can't say I'm shocked...

It's a mess... I got stuck with it on a new laptop, and it's horrible... It's like a part finished project written by multiple teams who neither communicated, nor saw a design standard memo.

And I'm not just talking about applications here, I mean the core bits that come with Windows don't even match. Some parts look like Windows 7/8, others look like flat slabs of pixels.

It's truly horrid.

And there's the ever pervasive "Metro" interface still lurking because it wants to be a tablet.

I've done my best to make is "normal". Murdered Cortana, installed classic shell...

I honestly can't think of anything 10 provides that I want... I'll probably "downgrade" to 8.1 soon (again with classic shell). The reason I stop short of going back to 7 is there is *one* thing I really like on 8.1... Win-Prt Scrn!

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