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Windows 10 AU 1607 is pretty useless without an SSD. But its definitely stabilising and the updates seems to be less frequent, they do appear quicker to install (the last cumulative one anyway). Start menu in Win10 is malware as far as I'm concerned though. Windows 7SP1 Updates (once fixed with specific 'special sauce' KBs) are almost back to an 8 minute max search 'searching for updates' (on SSD).*

I'm unusual in that I like Linux, macOS, and Windows 10/7, all have positives. I run all four. Why? because Office 2016 can be tiresome/bloaty, LibreOffice is good for most stuff. Windows 10 feels like swimming in soup sometimes. macOS is expensive to rollout across the board, generally falls apart if you do anything outside the norm. Crucially, Linux is licence free, installs really quick, or can be used from USB.

I do get sick of the stereotyping of Linux users though, because even Microsoft endorses Linux now. Linux Mint is a superb, fast OS, without issue, as far as I'm concerned. Really need to stop Linux bashing and see it for what it is, decent.

Windows 10, isn't awful either, once you're upto date, the latest version is stable, switch off everything (privacy wise) and Windows 10 does start to disappear into the background like Windows 7 does.

(*All of us still using Windows are apologists for Microsoft in some shape or form, from years of systematic 'update' abuse. Windows Update is still the clunky elephant in the room. The Metro style start menu still needs work, after 5 years, how time flies).

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