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I do need to print - and am not able/willing to change the otherwise perfectly good printer that the family shares. So I removed my Mint dual-boot and went back to just using Win 10. Would I have updated from 7 to 10 if I didn't want to see what 10 was all about? Probably not.

As to their spying - well compared to Google/Android it's nothing to bother me. Functional changes that make it less usable bother me more. The less than perfect Win 7 start menu was removed in 8 instead of improving it. Then brought back in 10 with the failings of 7 emphasised - so that keeping it organised to make finding programmes by function is harder, not easier. And I see no advantages in Win 10 that make up for that. It does nothing that Win 7 didn't do perfectly well. It simply replaces the fiasco of Win 8.x with a version that works.

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