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Windows 10 market share stalls after free upgrade offer ends

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Been using W10 for over a year. Disabled all the phone home stuff using one of several specially designed tools that do it for you at the click of a button.

updates are hardly noticeable anymore. All the programs I want to run work fine. My PC doesn't crash, it runs great.

it is fantastic that all you linux people are happy with your linux machines, running your limited catalog of software, and that you have a W7 VM to run any incompatible programs. Really I hope you do get more support and it is great that Valve is supporting steam on it with more games added every week.

The fact is, Windows is far easier to use for non technical people. The internet is full of Windows programs to download to do what you want, it is not full of linux programs. Few people want to run commands to install software, they just want to double click an icon and it gets installed and creates a nice shortcut on their desktop.

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