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Windows 10 spying was proven to be nothing more than an overblown Reddit post about THE SAME DATA COLLECTION as every other version of Windows performs anyway.

Seriously, it collects nothing more than anything else ever did. If you're paranoid about 10 and not Vista, 7, or 8, then you're an idiot.

And if you're worried about data collection, that's why you use an external firewall rather than a piece of junky software running on the same machine that it's trying to protect.

If you genuinely don't want data getting out, don't let Windows talk out.

That means, if you haven't heard of ncsi.txt, then you have no idea what you're supposedly blocking or allowing out.

Hint: I use ncsi.txt as a primitive theft-talk-home method for machines under my control as you can configure where it talks home to.

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