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Windows 10 market share stalls after free upgrade offer ends

Carl D

I really enjoy watching the Windows 10 train wreck from the comfort of my Linux Mint installation.

I do still have Windows 7 - as a dual boot with Mint with W7 at SP1 level only and no Internet access allowed whatsoever seeing as MS is now trying new tactics to get their spywa.... oops, telemetry onto W7 machines with their new monthly 'all or nothing' Windows Update rollups.

Really nice not having to try and figure out which update is this month's 'magic patch' which stops the hours long wait for a list of W7 updates to even appear these days (and then more hours wasted waiting for the updates to install) - assuming nothing goes wrong which it frequently does with MS's updates lately.

And, really nice not having to constantly update antivirus, antispyware and antigoodness knows what else on a daily basis.

Oh, and MS - good luck trying to get any information from my permanently offline W7 installation.

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