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Pointless change without consulting users: It's a compulsion the OS makers have.

I have to use machines with various OSes, Apple & Microsoft both change interface features / behaviour needlessly seemingly just for the hell of it.

It's not just big changes such as (disliked by some) flat 10 look, lots of little irritating things can really annoy users.

e.g. on Macs no longer have the old right click menu, now need additional key press to activate that behaviour - I'm always getting hit by this switching between different flavours of Mac.

As has been said (forthisisnotdead) the perennial messing with Control Panel across Windows versions, again a small thing but irritating.

It would be really nice to use different versions of an OS (from same manufacturer) and be able to achieve a task using exactly the same mouse / key strokes on each instead of having to think OK, its version Z, so to do what I want on this version I take this set of steps.

It is probably less irritating if someone always uses the same OS version, but there's plenty of us where that's not the case & consistency across versions would hellp a lot.

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