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I've got it, it came with my laptop, have ordered win 7 though.

I did think I would try win 10 inbetween since it came with the laptop, the annoying thing is it could be a reasonable OS apart form the fact it's microssofts OS and not mine.

At least this the impression I got, greyed out options to unistall things like xbox link, bing news etc, you have to do it by powershell, and then first major update they restore it all. WTF? Let alone the spying which means you end up crippling some of the bits that would make it a good OS otherwise. You can't trust any of these changes are not going to be reverted in the next update, which you can't stop so you have to start again.

There's no way I'd pay for it (and I once paid for Vista!), for the reasons above.

I'd like my computer back to feeling like it's mine tbh, so Win 7 and Linux are going on.

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