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Windows 10 market share stalls after free upgrade offer ends


As others have said, I'm not surprised at this news. Microsoft knew there were going to be problems after the XP to 7 resistance, which was why it became a malware pusher in order to force users on to Win 10.

What they actually needed to do was make a product that users wanted. One that doesn't spy on them (or at least allows the user to choose to block ALL spying), and doesn't try to change itself without the user's consent (NO forced updates AT ALL). If the rest of the OS was then designed and coded to actually be a joy to use and control, then users would flock to it. Instead they've sought out alternatives: some like me to Linux Mint; others to Apple; still others ditching PCs altogether and just using their oversized smart phone or tablet.

With Win 10 as it stands (as a designed-to-use-cloud-and-force-users-to-do-so OS, instead of cloud being a choice for the user), Microsoft are the designers of their own demise.

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