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Obituary: Victor Scheinman, inventor of the 'Stanford Arm' factory robot


It's also sad that...

... this obituary did not feature more prominently on The Register web site. Only five (now six) comments.

I can recall the first day that I saw a PUMA and the impression it made that here was an idea and an execution of the idea that was exceptional. It clearly was "the future" and it wasn't long before PUMA influenced robots became the expected way of working. Production engineering in the pharmaceutical business that I worked for in the 80s rapidly moved from long lines of workbenches with people picking up containers and packing them into boxes to a full automated system that did not make random errors. This was a huge improvement in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. Humans do not make mistakes consistently hence there's a high chance that complex packing jobs will have difficult to detect packing errors. As one of our engineers commented, "At least with a robot if a human being provides the wrong material to pack the same mistake is made hundreds of times and even the worst QA inspector can't miss that." Victor Scheinman improved many industries with one well thought through design.

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