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Iceland's Pirate Party wins 10 seats, will need unlikely coalition to rule

Pascal Monett Silver badge

I totally agree with you. Democracy can only exist when citizens are directly engaged by what is happening around them.

The current situation is that a government exists in the stratosphere of the country, where ordinary citizens have no access because "national security" or some other excuse for secret negotiations. To save appearances, citizens are fed the fairy tale of elections and that their vote matters when, in truth, everything is arranged to ensure that citizens vote the way a very small group intend them to. The distancing of the citizenry from the meetings where actual, important decisions are being made ensures that the ruling class can go about their business without answering to much anybody that isn't in the know.

There should be no secrecy in a truly democratic regime. Everything the President says should be on YouTube, streamed live and saved for free access by anyone who wishes to see it.

It would throw a humongous monkey wrench in the current backstabbing diplomatic affairs and private enterprise lobbying, but it would do a world of good as far as actual Democracy is concerned.

Obviously it will never happen. Wayyy too much money/influence at stake.

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