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"It does helps it's mainly moped I'll agree and generally they tend to drive pretty slowly for the most part so dodging traffic is not to bad in some places but I have been hit by a kid who was texting while riding his scooter luckily he was going slow and I saw him coming so was dodging, I think the roads in Vietnam seem safer than Thailand where it can be a bit more scary in general."

I don't think the Philippines is much different. The general rule seems to be that when it comes to pedestrians, they're on their own, although some places (like Metro Manila) are so packed with cars that often they're barely moving, making it pretty easy for pedestrians and street peddlers to go their merry ways. More open areas of the cities, you need to just be aware of the traffic, though if you can take a detour to roads less traveled, that would be preferable. As for the boonies...good luck.

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