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"It's a fair question, but the difference between a self-driving car and a manual car at a traffic light, is"

Really bugger all.

"- a manual car can be driven away if the vehicle or passengers are attacked, overriding safety procedures like the red light or pedestrians blocking the way"

Yet people still get car jacked.. How does this happen? Why do they not drive away, overriding safety procedures so they can be smashed into by oncoming traffic in the lane with the right of way? Or run over the miscreants as soon as they obligingly position themselves where they can be easily run over?

"- a traffic light by definition is at a junction or area of high traffic, where overt robbery is likely to have witnesses, who may even intervene."

And nobody is going to bother if it's a self driving car?

No difference as far as helpful passers by are concerned. Point invalidated. Becasue traffic lights are one of the primary car jacking scenarios.

"Immobilising a self-driving car can be done at any point on any road, and naturally quiet country roads or urban side streets at night would be the prime location."

Immobilising a car of any kind can be done at any point on any road, and naturally quiet country roads or urban side streets at night would be no better or worse than anywhere else. .

Or does your car have tank tracks?

A few handfuls of bent nails welded together.

A board with a few nails hammered through.

And if we are talking quiet country roads.. A tree pulled down across the road provides a very effective means of halting a vehicle of any size.

Stopping a vehicle is easy.

And when someone jumps out in front of your car, do you just accelerate hoping they get out of the way, instead of jamming the brakes on, and coming to a stop as quickly as you can?

How many have you run over so far?

Or do you imagine that in the split second you have to decide, you can assess the situation, and correctly distinguish between a car jacker and a careless pedestrian?

Nice try, but still bull.

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