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I believe it's a (really stupid) EU directive, so come Brexit we can have our fire extinguishers back in black, blue, cream and red - as God intended.

Not sure what colour whatever less ozone-unfriendly chemical passes for Halon these days should be tbough.

My area only has some PCs and lots of paper files, so we've got the right stuff. I believe we have to have 3 because we don't have a fire escape on this floor, so we've got to be able to get down the stairs to the one below.

Which incidentally leads into the stockroom of the rather expensive HiFi shop next door. I'm tempted to stage a small fire, and see if I can't liberate me some tasty speakers while "escaping".

I know someone who's a retired skipper for Saudi Aramco. Or one of their more boat-y subsidiaries. Strangely enough when you captain a 200,000 supertanker, you get quite a lot of firefighting training. His rule is that the law can go hang - any extinguisher on his boat will be painted the proper colour - so it can be identified at a glance.

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