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Oh I met someone who worked with a mate of mine doing sales and went off doing presentations to customers. He was Mr Clean and if you didn't look as smart as he though you could he would regularly chide people on their appearance. Not that anyone looked scruffy they just weren't up to his standards of perfection. He kept a pair of brushes a polishing cloth and shoe polish in the boot of his car, toothpaste toothbrush, bottled water and a towel in the glove box and in his desk.

One April 1st the office decided to get him back for a year of comments that weren't always kind. Before he got in that morning they swapped out his normal toothpaste tube with one filled with Primula Cheese ( waited for him to arrive. A few minutes after he'd started a coffee one of the comspirators came in and said they'd just seen the company's biggest client driving into the carpark. Mr Clean grabs his washbag and heads for the gents to clean his teeth and came out laughing as he'd worked out what day it was and what had happened.

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