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Hell desk thought PC fire report was a first-day-on-the-job prank


I spent 3hrs with the in-house PC support a few years back, as they re-imaged a BSOD PC of mine, and chatted with the helpful help desk about the common problems, he had to deal with..

...No surprise but drinks spilled on laptops was a frequent occurence, and he went on to explain that in his experience the drink was crucial to the outcome.... Water was the least harmful, fizzy drinks the work, and in his experience the effect of coffee and tea on PCs depended on the amount of sugar and milk added... He believed that the free ions associated with adding notably sugar had more serious consequences than simple black tea or coffee.....

He then told me the time that he put this theory to the test. A user had phoned and said that she had spilt coffee on her PC. The helpful help desk guy, then asked her if she took milk and sugar. The user replied "I don't want another f***ing coffee, I want you to fix my PC."

I felt enormous sympathy for the team ever since - until they were all offshored a few weeks later..

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