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"Newflash - there are already these things called "taxis" (maybe you've heard of them?) that you can hail that have been around since before the internal combustion engine was invented. Oddly it hasn't stopped people buying their own cars. Also the chances of anyone who's forked out a small fortune for a car just to let it become an unsupervised taxi where drunks can throw up with impunity or try and still the contents or fittings I suspect is pretty damn slim."

Newsflash #2, have your seen their fare schedules? Why do you think people avoid them unless they absolutely have to? Given how much we need door-to-door transit every day, all those taxi fares would add up to well over the car and then the annual costs associated with them. At least train and bus fare is much cheaper, but for it to be practical, you have to be pretty close to a stop or station.

The hope is that with automated cars, taxi fares can be reduced to make them less expensive than the ongoing costs of owning a car, convincing more people to give them up.

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