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I see your fire and raise you...

My all time favourite, posted as AC so I don't offend the people (yep, plural) involved was a call from a remote site saying there was smoke coming from the APC thing next to the server, the killer question was "What should we do?" - TURN IT OFF I yell. The smoke stopped, no flames, all is well apart from the kit being offline. So I advise we'll sort anothr unit and be there in a couple of hours, could be worse you're thinking, you're right, it could be. About an hour later another call from the site "We really needed to get some work done so we plugged it back in, but there is still smoke coming from it, what do we do?" - I advised unplug it again, and if they insist on plugging it in again after this call, then the number they're going to need is 999, the penny finally dropped.

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