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been to Estonia recently, and one of the things that strikes me every time is the contrast in both driver and pedestrian behaviour with UK. If there is a red light for pedestrians at a crossing, 95% of people wait - regardless of traffic. If the lights are changing to stop the traffic for pedestrians to cross, drivers slow down rather than speed up to try to make it (and not once did I see cyclists going through lights, or getting off their bike and going across as if a pedestrian). Later in the evening, some of the lights switch to a flashing amber, which basically seems to mean "caution, do what you want but be sensible" - and drivers slow to allow pedestrians to cross, but pedestrians do so smartly and get off the road quickly.

I don't know if jaywalking is an offence, but it doesn't really matter, as so few people do it. I asked an Estonian friend about it, and she doesn't know if it's an offence either, but described the whole thing as just being sensible - "when the pedestrian light is red, it's the cars' turn to use that bit of road, when it's green, the pedestrians', why would anyone do different? If you're on your way to an appointment and late, you should have left earlier, your fault." [and yes, she is a driver]. Fits in with the country's health and safety approach too - if you do something risky or silly, it's your fault if you get hurt ..

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