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Self-driving cars doomed to be bullied by pedestrians



simple fact that unless its at lower than 10mph anyway, it will be irrelevant. If a pedestrian jumps in front of an automated vehicle it wont matter if its automated or not, though the automated response time is faster, the stopping distance of the vehicle will most likely be greater than distance to the pedestrian, which means squish.

This distance only increases with speed, the the pedestrian would need to further and further away proportional to the speed. not including other factors like load, number of occupants, road conditions etc. not a game you want to take lightly.

so really this articte is based on a maybe in very narrow set of circumstances and only were speeds were very low in the 1st place.

besides an AI will likely calculate the odds of stopping in time and decide to change lanes and slow down, avoiding the pedestrian entirely without compromising speed by much, bypassing the whole point., less they do something stupid, like change direction, into the lane the automated vehicle was moving into in too short of distance for it to avoid them, then they deserve the darwin award for being that dumb and dead.

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