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Just because a new fangled device formats a particular way doesn't mean its right!

New fangled devices, BT, OFCOM, 1995's PhONEday campaign, 2000's Big Number Change campaign and Wikipedia's article as linked above are right. You're not.

Pick up any London phone, try dialling your version of a 7-digit local number: it won't work. It'll only work if you dial it correctly as an 8-digit number, or if you superfluously dial the 020 code before the 8-digit local number.

If you really think that 0207 is inner London and 0208 is outer London, could you point out on any map where 0203 is?

The 0207/0208 format has evolved for a historical reason

It has: the historical reason is because some people do not understand how the 020 format actually works. It is perpetuated because those people, even though wrong, insist that they are right without either proof or use of logic.

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