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Marketing Moron Meddling

... That's my term for the assassination of facts for the sake of some fool's benefit. Marketing Morons (as opposed to Marketing Mavens) have contempt for those consuming the products they sell. In this case the Marketing Morons are selling propaganda, that ancient form of destroying people's ability to think sanely by way of aggressively shoving lies up their spinal column.

Marketing Morons are part of the core of self-destructive biznizziz, aka parasitic pseudo-capitalism.

I've contributed information, money and editing at Wikipedia for years. Crap like the disinformation described in the article is expected. People's reputations aren't only inflated into circus balloons, they're also destroyed at Wikipedia. I've don't plenty of recovery, helping out people attacked by dickheads and trolls who are out to hurt them in the net. It's a factor of open technology. Cleaning out this form of human defecation is a pleasure.

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