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Comparing this to the iPhone 4 antenna problem is ludicrous. One was pretty minor (only if you were not in an area with good cell reception, didn't use a case, and your fingers covered the gap in the antenna band) and while inconvenient was not a safety concern. The other could harm or even literally kill you.

The reason Samsung had such problems is because it was a far worse situation, and while they did do a recall they made it voluntary until the US PSC forced them to make it mandatory in the US and they decided to follow suit in the rest of the world. They also botched the diagnosis, thinking it was the battery, and didn't do the recall at all in China. The replacement devices were just as explosive, as the original Chinese devices also turned out to be, because it wasn't the battery after all.

I saw an article this weekend that Samsung STILL doesn't know what caused it, and they've pulled a bunch of people off the S8 engineering team to help figure out what it is and as a result the S8 launch will likely be delayed. But that's probably a good thing, because if they don't fully understand what the problem was with the Note 7, they sure don't want to risk designing the same flaw into the S8!

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