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Is Google using YouTube to put one over on Samsung?

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Based on the ad I saw this weekend for the Pixel

It definitely is aiming for Apple customers. If it didn't say it was for Pixel one could hardly be blamed for assuming it was an iPhone ad.

However, the number of people coming from iPhone to Android is relatively fixed. The Pixel is hardly a revolutionary "wow I've been wanting to jump ship from Apple for years, finally I can" phone. It is a decent high end Android phone but does not stand apart when measured against Samsung's S7 and pre-explosion Note 7 (yeah yeah faster updates, that's something that will sell Reg readers but the average consumer doesn't give a shit about and won't until there's a mass malware infection like what Windows had in the early 00s)

Basically in order to capture more of that fixed number of Apple customers leaving for Android, the Pixel has to steal the ones who would have gone to Samsung (and to a lesser extent other Android OEMs selling high end phones) instead. The explosive Note 7 fiasco helps a lot there, so it is in Google's interest to keep that in the forefront of people's minds for as long as possible. Making fun of it by showing videos of games using Note 7s as hand grenades is a pretty hilarious way to do that!

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