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"Try an RS6 for that particular smile on face and frown on arse cheeks combination."

Oh please, it's a horrible car. It has the same problem as all Audis, Engine/Transmission too heavy and too far forwards. It's a car that seems to have been designed for "suits" who like to blag about bhp and 0-60 times in a sort of estate agents Top Trumps. And, at the end of the day, it's just another joyless VAG box.

The GT86 is more of a driver's car, that will put a smile on your face - and save a shedload of cash. Although if anyone is intending to spend RS6 money on a car they should just dig that little bit deeper into their pockets and get an MP4-12C. Then the only way they need to look at RS6s is as little dots disappearing in the rear view mirror.

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