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Lessons from the Mini: Before revamping or rebooting anything, please read this

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Well Issigonis didn't get it right on the first try either. One design howler that springs vividly to mind is that on early models the lap joints in the floor pan faced forward, so they trapped water (never in short supply in England). Reversing the overlap would have gone a long way to increasing the longevity and staving off Flintstone Syndrome.

And unless this Heinrich-come-lately "mini" can corner 90 degrees at 30 without needing to alter how the driver is using his/her feet with no concern about spinning or drifting, it ain't a proper mini.

Pfft! I'll bet this BMW thing has double skinned doors and crumple zones too!

Two wars. Beginning of the end. Fought on the beaches. Etc. More etc.

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