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Conspiracy Theories much?

I just don't see evidence of bitter hate between Google and Samsung that some commentators try to portray. Goole have done extremely well out of Samsung and Samsung have done extremely well out of Google. Sure there have been some tensions, but overall Google would have killed for the amount of smartphone coverage that Samsung provides and Samsung, although they might not like much of the control that Google has over the OS, get a highly marketed and promoted operating system with regular free updates and a continuous development team with only a little work on their behalf.

Then there is the "Mike Masnick opinion". With two links, neither of which claim that the guy is on the Google payroll. However he has some very differing views to Mr Olowski and patrols the opposite side of the fence in the same domain.I'm sure there is no grudge there?

If you dig further the shill talk was relating to the Oracle v Google trial to flush out paid journalist, however the remit was very broad as any blogger who had an Adsense account was paid by Google and might have to be declared. Anyone who had worked with some substantial organisations like the EFF were implicated. In fact anyone who had worked with or had reports commissioned by large swathes of the tech industry were part of the shill conspiracy. And as The Register uses Double Click, Adsense and Google Analytics all stakeholders in The Register are also 'guilty' of being on the Google Payroll - including the author.

So, I might not agree with his views but let's see what Mr Masnick had to say [Of course he would say that wouldn't he -pseudo ed]. It does feel disingenuous to try to present discredited information as fact so that in later articles the reference can become a previous reg article which then proves a further mention of this 'fact'.

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