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There has never in human history existed any workers who out of free will have had any demand to be rubbish workers.

The reason for "rubbish" workers always lies "up stairs".

The reason Kiwi's find it so easy to get work in Oz over their own people? Because their own people, in the words of the owners of several firms that have offered me jobs over there, "are lazy little shits who wouldn't even piss on themselves if they were on fire", or words to that effect. You get my meaning.

I've worked with people from other cultures who either are incredibly hard workers or extremely lazy. And some from certain areas. As to those coming from the "don't have any winners/losers in sports have everyone get a medal for participation and don't keep score" bullshit generation, well, they expect to walk into an industry where they have no skills or experience and get a top-rate pay packet, because after all who has to work at things? Everything will just be given to you. Plenty of examples of people who are rubbish workers.

(The NZ car industry was killed off by fuckwit politicians.. If I had my way I'd do to them what they did to local industry... Icon - consider the downstroke to be a large gun barrel and the dot to be some fucktard politico's head... El Reg can we get an (in)appropriate "I'd love to shoot the bastard" icon?)

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