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I drove one of those for about 9 months.

I had 8 or 9 of them over the years. I was doing insane mileage, so although I was averaging 35,000 miles out of each, they didn't last me very long. But that's not bad for cars I was generally getting for about £200[1].

the bodyshell would rot every time a bit of water touched it

Yours had been crashed.

Citroen had built themselves such a bad reputation for rusting with the CX - an otherwise lovely car - that they did something about it with the XM. To make them rust meant fracturing the zinc layer - and that's a fairly significant prang. None of mine had any rust, despite the fact that I didn't exactly take fantastic care of them.


[1] The depreciation on these cars was unbelievable. The cheap ones were almost £40K when new in 1990. I was mostly driving them in the late '90s. They'd usually cost me £200 to buy the car, and I'd get between £150 and £200 when I scrapped it some months later :-)

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