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@ Mutton Jeff

Spot on, and I doubt anybody, to day, would rather drive the old Mini if they had to choose, no money involved. But this story and the comments are about something else, a trip into memory lane. brand recognition, adjectives and most of all, for some Brits, the confusion and inability to understand or accept the reasons for the demise of the British car industry.

Some cars made in S.Korea are sold as Chevrolet in Europe, the diesel is VW and the not so modern gearbox is GM and the rest whatever, far as I know. I have no doubts that some people rather have a car branded Chevrolet than, is it Hyundai?. And it would not surprise me if there was eventually a Cadillac made in China. BMV apparently counted on some brand recognition regarding the Mini, perhaps there is, perhaps there was, who cares, take it or leave it.

Some time ago there was a commentard here who claimed the British car industry went belly up because of rubbish workers. And to write something that stupid hurts me as a human being. There has never in human history existed any workers who out of free will have had any demand to be rubbish workers.

The reason for "rubbish" workers always lies "up stairs".

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