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> In torrential rain I found original minis to be terrifying - the hair dryer of a heater struggled to keep the windows fog free, there was always the feeling that you were going to get runover by lorries, and whenever anything bigger than 7.5 tons went by, the wave of spray would swamp the engine ("Please don't stall , please don't stall...")

But isn't the required strength of character and disregard for one's own physical integrity half the fun of driving "classics"? :-)

I have to say, sadly it's been a long time since I drove one just for fun, as opposed to need. Except last year, actually. I was asked to ferry some classic Renault thing for a friend. Being a Renault, as soon as it went into third gear it never came out of it again, so 60 km and one national border crossing on 3rd gear it was (thank fuck for Schengen).

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