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Redesigns always seem to miss the mark...

The Beetle was a cheap, cute car to being with. Also had some awful design elements (total lack of self-adjusting anything) but it was cheap and cute. Redesign? Big and expensive, WTF? I fault designers, who think that body elements that vaguely resemble certain parts of the original is "going back to the spirit of the classic." Taillights with three vertical bars do not a Mustang make either.

The important point as I see it, is that people want a vehicle with some personality. Most cars have looked like jellybeans for decades. They're indistinguishable and all the same bland colors. What's to love?

I offer as a success story the PT Cruiser. It was basically a minivan, a hated form factor if there ever was one. However, it had STYLE and they sold like crazy. For all it's faults, the Mini has more personality than 99% of American designs, so it sells more than it deserves to.

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