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Re: I was assuming this would be a look at the mini...

Fond memories. My headmaster at primary school had a purple Maxi. Which looked much nicer than all the brown and orange Allegros, and Morris Marinas.

But the car that upset me was the Mini. Especially the Clubman. Because the owner of the caravan site we stayed on as kids had a little Mini Clubman van. I guess he only used it on the site, and not on the roads, as one of the back doors was missing. In accordance with 1970s health & safety rules, all the kids loved it, as he used to give us rides around the site, sitting in the back, often with legs dangling out of the missing door.

Only ruined when I went back to the caravan, and Mum was playing The New Seekers on her cassette player. But there was usually fruit cake to make up for it.

...drifts rambles off into happy nostalgia...

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