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Re: I was assuming this would be a look at the mini...

I agree. But to be honest, even a slightly below average height guy like me felt a bit crammed in the original contraption (I sat in the rear seat, trying to be a gentleman and letting the girl sit in front - but then she was almost as tall). The driver loved her mini, and the sportive feel you can have if you do some... modifications.

But yeah, the thought "Mini? No way, it is Maxi!" crossed my mind more than once when seeing the "updated" version. As to the SUV-ised one: WTF?! But then I cannot understand the appeal of SUVs anyway. And new cars in general, with the low window-to-steel ratio - highly impractical, leading to school kids being run over by their moms and the use of rear facing cameras in every single friggin' car and the warning beepers. I mean, are you driving a lorry or what?

Sorry, need a beer (or three). Pub-o-clock, when are you?

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