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At least BMW retained this part:

Issigonis was trying to design something cheap, small on the outside and big on the inside all

Unfortunately somewhere in the translation to German a couple of key points got reversed. How such an enormous hunk of metal can have such dismal usable space inside beats me. I had a Countryman on hire once, that's the estate version, 4 flight cases filled the boot. If you were transporting 4 people to the airport with a fight case and laptop each the laptops would have to go in the footwells. In an estate FFS.

As for the interior, it had all the style of Flavor Flav. Being a low rent version it didn't have much so there was an analogue clock a foot in diameter in the middle. Awful. It did have a USB port you could use to access music. Ever tried finding the track you want from thousands on a display that can show 2 lines, no search facility and just up/down buttons? Useless.

I left the hire ticket hanging on the mirror just so people would know it wasn't mine.

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