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But but but...

Back in the 19th century heyday of British industrial capitalism, a typical factory worker did 12 hours a day for 6 days a week.

Unfortunately for Grand Theories, the relationship is not at all simple. Hunter-gatherers worked ~4 hrs/day to make their living and spent the rest of the time presumably doing what we do i n our leisure time these days: getting pissed, fornicating and telling lies. The typical 19th C rural labourer worked six days and at harvest time very long ones. But much of the year was nowhere near as arduous and there were ever so many holidays.

In the mid 1950s to 1960s my father made machine tools on piecework in the UK. Mostly he only had work 3 days a week and needed to supplement the family income with two part-time jobs: collecting the football pools and selling seafood snacks in pubs on Friday and Saturday nights. My mother had three part-time jobs: bus conductor, football pools collecting and also selling seafood snacks on weekends.

Moving to Australia in 1965 increased both their leisure time and their income.

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