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What About 50% Unemployment?

Where I'm from in the US (Milwaukee, WI) the unemployment rate among African American males is over 50%. Not only is it because manufacturing jobs leaving, which will never be replaced, there is systematic racism and the effects from the history of their (our) community. Problems like this exist throughout major cities in the US.

The economics of that situation creates a really strong argument for a reparations of some kind. A reparations of some kind may be the only answer to the problems which arise from that situation. There is no way reparations, for African Americans, will ever happen but basic income can.

It could also be argued that basic income could reduce many of the costs of some social programs and the social impact of having so many people out if work. There is a basic income of a kind that's being utilized in cities across the country. Free housing, with no strings attached, for the homeless.

There is also an emerging class of citizen, and I find myself as one of them, which will have no interest in the "lavish" lifestyle of the full time working class. Technology has greatly reduced the cost of living a comfortable lifestyle . With a shift in one's economic frame of mind early retirement is something which is available for everyone who can make, and live on a low percentage of, a decent wage.

Anyhow every place around the globe will have to figure out how basic income plays, or doesn't play, a role in their social well being. The answer won't be on the extreme side of for, or against, basic income.

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