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Basic income after automation? That’s not how capitalism works

John H Woods Silver badge

The alternative ...

a) slow capital punishment by starvation or exposure for being too lazy to work

b) an army of people and machinery trying (and failing) to make sure no-one cheats the system.

To me, a basic income is a *highly capitalist* idea (and I like it). It enables the removal of vast amounts of red tape. You could ditch minimum wage, tax allowances, and probably a good deal of protectionism. We could also get rid of hundreds of thousands of public sector jobs which don't really contribute anything positive to the economy. The situation we have at the moment tho, where people who could do a few hours work per week just cannot do that in any legal fashion seems to me to be ridiculous. For the employees, every hour you worked would make you richer, and for the employers, the workforce would be much more flexible and mobile.

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