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Basic Income - some other attractive aspects

1) It would make it less risky for people to consider changing jobs, which is probably a good thing

2) If you found yourself out of work, you'd not need to apply cap-in-hand to the welfare state and wade through a morass of paperwork, feeling like a piece of shit in the process.

3) Once we all got used to it, we'd stop working ourselves into such a state over people who have decided they'd rather just lounge around watching Jeremy Kyle on their big plasma TV all day, as they'd be exercising a right we all have, rather than forcibly demanding something which the rest of us think should only be a temporary 'safety net' to help people in difficulty.

I don't think it would make much difference to the number of people seeking employment. Whilst some luxury items have decreased dramatically, others have increased. Look at the price of housing. If you regularly swing cats, you'll have to buy a 'luxury' house whose walls are far-enough apart to avoid killing them on a regular basis. So there will always be the desire to work to earn money for dream fulfilment. And lots of people like having a job. Some free time can be nice, but lounging around at home all day soon becomes boring and depressing for most.

So I'm looking forward to the results of the studies that were mentioned in the article.

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