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Gawd this article is

not exactly very good

Take one example, the company I attend every day

35 years ago it employed 4 lathe setters, 4 mill setters, 2 inspectors, and about 30 machine operators

It ran 18 hrs a day (double shift) and kept the owner in Jags and foriegn holidays (and the operators were treated like crap in a classic industrial setting)

Now, we have robots and computer controlled machines, the company employs 4 lathe setters, 4 mill setters , 1 inspector, and 7 operators, spread across the same double shift system

We produce about 50% more than 35 years ago

That is the cause of the unemployment in manufacturing , and more to the point, what does happen when 1000's more jobs go as a result of automation....... 25% of the workforce sitting idle anyone?

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