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Basic income after automation? That’s not how capitalism works

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Anonymous Coward

Automation means there is more to think about and more to go wrong but does deliver consistency

Yes I would love a monthly paycheck to sit on the sofer outside by house in my dressing gown with a beer on my cornflakes and wave at everyone going to work, bu who deserves a basic income?

My mom is a medical secretary, every day she sends letters to people that are ill because they can't be bothered to wash.. seriously same with people who have smoked 40 cigs a day and now can't breath should we care, probably not.

But if there is a family with both parents working and can't put food on the table, perhaps yes.

Same for an 18-year-old with no parents. has a job but nowhere to live, when does the government step in.

So how about a GDP contribution tax, the less you contribute to GDP the more tax you have to pay, it on your arse but have plenty of shares, you pay, boozed up all day you pay, own a factory and work 1 day a week you pay

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